martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

10 questions for Philipp Gorbachev

"Hello. I am Philipp Gorbachev, I am 25, going in to my 26, and I am in Comeme. And I enjoy playing my live shows."

- Let's start from the beginning: what is your first musical memory regarding your early days?
Hearing music from far away, I think that's where I am really good at.. Whether it is an orthodox monks choir, a Comeme Party, Paul Leary's (the Butthole Surfers guitar player) solo album, a party in Medellin, a Kompakt Night, Barnt working in his studio in Cologne…whatever, I still do believe music is a language you can trust in a critical case. And that is definetly a good thing about in this world! And I believe to be in my early days now.

- Do you have musical "classic" studies?
I had a period when I learned piano or drums, but that was far behind the term «classic»

- How did you get in touch with the Comeme crew?
That was in 2009 I guess, in the times of BUMBUMBOX, during the C/O POP festival (a tip) in Cologne. But I think what really counts is my first set in Europe in a warehouse in Cologne, one year later... on the final Comeme Night of the first Comeme Europe tour.

- What equipment are you using to create your music?
Usually the rhythm, the bass and vocals is the order in the first line, thatʼs usually enough to create something that could survive, on that stage you already know if that is a Philipp Gorbachev track or not. The computer is degraded to a silly recording unit at this stage. All the rest can be added and arranged in the studio later. I mean the range of the equipment one could use is endless, it depends on what results you want to get. In Berlin it is the Comeme District Studio, we try to keep it good equiped there but in a simple way.

- Some friends of mine played in Moscow, but I want to hear some native's opinion: How is
the electronic club scene in Russia? I haven't been out there for 2 years...

- Why you decided to move to Berlin? For how long you're being in the city?
If to count all the off and ons, thatʼs about 10 years... I grew up here and came back a couple of years ago, staying now practically on the same street, in the western part of the city. I moved to Berlin out of a necessity to work on my stuff and as I am very happy with the results, Berlin prooves to be a perfect environment for concentrating.

- What is "In The Delta" about? Any source of special inspiration? I'm thinking about early european electronics, new beat (even though you are not using a 303), EBM and all of that, but i'm interested in your opinion.
I was always inspired by Djs who are extending the workaday club environment, turn dancing into a very emotional journey, telling a story and creating a dialogue between people. Cologne DJ's like Christian S or Michael Mayer, for example, are masters I know. While working on "In The Delta" I was counting on that narrative attitude very much while recording my own story, trying not to limit myself with the club environment only (which I really love!). Honestly, I would not speak about particular music genres as influences.. Shure, EBM, new beat is great music but I think it is good to step away a bit from our music listening experience when speaking about own art that happens now and with the situation we have with Comeme. Anyway I have to claim that my music knowledge is far from being perfect... but I try to keep the ears open!

- Are you a EBM music fan? I think we share the same passion...
Let's talk about this after the party! ;)

- What are your future plans in terms of colabs, releases, etc?
The next Correspondant Records 12'' will feature my remix, I am really happy to make a contribution to what Jennifer Cardini is doing nowadays with Correspondant, she is one of my favourite european DJs. Coming back to Comeme, wich is my home: there will be a remix to support the fantastic DJ's Pareja EP, coming out in November. And main news are that in December a new Philipp Gorbachev record, a mini-LP in fact, will come out on Comeme. Details will follow soon, but you will hear tracks from it during my show for shure! So I am very much excited about that records and you will be able to check them out soon!

Note from the editor: both youtube videos were choosen by Philipp himself. 

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

5 Halloween Tracks

Ya hice una entrada parecida dos años atrás, pero como el conocimiento humano no tiene límites, he seleccionado otras cinco canciones para pinchar en una fiesta de Halloween como Dios manda, por ejemplo la que la noche del 31 organizan los compis de The Bourbaki.

Transilvanian Galaxi: Transilvanian Galaxi, 2010. Bârd Aasen Lodemel (Skatebard) sorprendió dos años atrás con este track de italodisco oscuro que tanto invoca al Conde Drácula como las playas de la Côte d'Azur.

Ministry: (Every Day Is) Halloween, 1984. Single primerizo de la banda de Al Jourgensen que defiende y atiza a partes iguales toda la subcultura gótica norteamericana.

Squadra Blanco: Night Of The Illuminati, 2002. Proyecto de un solo disco de Danny Wolfers (Legowelt, Nacho Patrol, etc). El auténtico witch house era esto.

Dana Nada: Haunted House (Black Acid OD Mix), 1988. Robert Rosen, 50% de EBN OZN, también escritor y productor para la productora Miramax, se lanza con una producción acid muy de la época.

Underground Resistance: Panic, 1992. Uno de mis ep's favoritos de UR. Aquí se mezcla de forma natural el techno con D.O. de Detroit, el hardcore rap y la rave music.

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

TOM 05: Philipp Gorbachev (Cómeme) en directo

Como bien sabréis, en TOM somos muy fans de la body music. Si bien estos últimos tiempos, el género ha estado desaparecido en combate, un pequeño revival venido desde Berlín y comandado en gran parte por el sello del ínclito Mathias Aguayo, Cómeme, ha devuelto cierto aire de excitación entre los abigarrados fans de la old school. Uno de los responsables de esa vuelta es el ruso Philipp Gorbachev. Instalado en la capital alemana, Gorbachev (no es familiar de Mikhail, olvídenlo) fue descubierto por  Rebolledo en un viaje a Rusia. Su debut en el sello chileno Cómeme (distribuido por Kompakt en Europa) vino el pasado 2011. Grabado en Moscú y mezclado en Barcelona por Daniel Maloso, "In The Delta", tan salvaje y metálico como energético y convulsivo, se erigió como una de las sorpresas del año.

Durante este 2012, un nuevo alter ego surgió de la mente de Gorbachev: también publicado por Cómeme, Isaac Johan EP significó su segundo maxi en pocos meses. El distintivo del 12" era la fuerte percusión.

Su tercer proyecto es la banda de directo The District Union.

Para este invierno, un tercer maxi, que presentará en TOM05 verá la luz.¡Bienvenido a Madrid, Philipp!

Viernes 26 de octubre en Siroco (San Dimas, 3, Madrid). 10 euros entrada con copa.