martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Ein Produkt: Craig Bratley - Obsession

10" limitado a 300 copias con el siguiente texto de Andrew Weatherall.

"All us here down on Bird Scarer farm have been fans of the work of Mr. Craig Bratley for some time, so it is with pleasure unbound that I announce the release of Bird Scarer 4... Manufactured in a town just outside Leeds and tested on humans for the first time in a tent just outside Skipton... Ladies and gentlemen... Boys and Girls... 'Obsession' by Craig Bratley.

A sleazy new-beat erotic monster of a tune channeling Mr. Delgado and Mr. Gorl (that's D.A.F. to the un-initiated) in the original version and slo-mo'd even more with added live bass (Andy Baxter) and guitar (courtesy of ex Sons Of Slough member Mr. Duncan Gray) via the Asphodells Mix.

Enjoy a 10" obsession..."

Andrew Weatherall, April 2013.

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