lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

TRAX vs Rush Hour

Parece que tenemos lío. Esta es la nota de prensa publicada hace unos días por Trax desde su headquarters en Chicago:

First off we want to thank every single one of you for your amazing support and sticking it out with us for the past 25 years! We know-and we recognize- that this year there are several projects coming out with the TRAX name but we want to let you know that a majority of these projects have not even contacted us-the original Chicago label-or anything. A majority of things such as the Rush Hour re-issues and the upcoming TRAX Re-edits are projects which we had no say in -- we were not even contacted for music, let alone any say towards the releases.

Even though we are highly flattered and appreciate the high volume of interest in our music, we want to let everyone know that TRAX continues living and breathing in Chicago. All the official TRAX news released will be on our facebook or twitter and if you don't see it here, it's not us! As part of our 2011 digital re-issues program through bandcamp you can already see that we've uploaded double the amount of material( in only a month and a half) most of these people are releasing, and that's because we have the masters, the documents and are actually TRAX Records. 

A todo esto, esta semana Harmless publica en triple vinilo y doble cd, con el comisionariado de DJ History, el recopilatorio de re-edits, remixes y versiones Trax 25 (en honor al vigesimoquinto aniversario), con aportaciones de Richard Sen, JD Twitch, Toby Tobias, Swag, Neville Watson o Mark Broom.

Virgo: Take Me Higher (Ray Mang remix)

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